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The Transmission Clinics staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

this is a letter of commendation and gratitude,not condemnation. when a personhas acar problem it is a it like going to the doctor.the diagnosis may not be good,there is no real cure and you pay a lot.but this was not the was the first time in a very long time that having repair work done on a car was enjoyable. not only was it done on schedule and a little bit below estimate,but it was very high quality work.more than seemed that i had a coincidental failure.a wheel bearing that must have been doing bad,but no one had relized only became apparent after leaving with the repaired transmission.but rather than have a customer leave with a possible bad feeling,Transmision Clinic then corrected this problem. and at no cost in a timely manner.this ,i must say,is unbelievably good customer service.since all this was done with great courtesy,friendliness and kindness.more than that.the front speakers on the radio had not been working.but as i drove away i realized these were working also.that i really do not understand,but am nevertheless grateful for.what more can a person say about such a good exoerience ?
William Morgan from Tulsa,Oklahoma
Transmission Clinics is the greatest... i have been in the used car business for many years growing up and recently moved to B.A. from N.J. and could not trust many repairmen I knew back east so i had many fears living in a new place and needing transmission repair. Transmission Clinics was able to diagnose my problem on the phone and gave me an accurate estimate. other companies said that i probably needed a new trans and gave me an inaccurate diagnosis of my problem...... Thank You for being HONEST..... and not taking advantage of people... will recommend to all my friends Thank You .... Anthony & Penny Gale B.A. OK.
Anthony & penny Gale from Broken Arrow
I was referred to Steve at Transmission Clinic by a trusted mechanic. I was assured the he would treat me with fairness and honestly. My vehicle was not easy to diagnose but Steve and his staff were persistent. The service exceeded my expectations and the whole experience was a blessing. Thanks Sandy H.
Sandy H. from Tulsa
I have been doing business with Steve and Brenda for many years. So when my transmission started acting up I called Steve. One of my new guys asked why I didn't call anyone else. That is easy. Not only is Steve and Brenda honest, they are some of the nicest and caring people I have ever met. Thanks Greg Lair
Greg Lair from Coweta Oklahoma
I appreciate the quick response when I have a transmission issue with my car, when I have had it towed, they are very quick to respond to checking out the vehicle, servicing it and solving the problem, at the same time, saving money when possible. I trust the staff and am very satisfied with the work! I definitely tell all my friends and family to go here. They are very service oriented and meet the customers needs. thank you!
Dennis & Penny McCurley from Tulsa
Having trouble with the acceleration with my 2004 Alero and the engine was shaking. They ran a free diagnostics check and told me they thought it was my ignition coil. Rather than try and get it in the shop since this was an easy fix told me what to do and that it would be easy to fix myself and cheaper. So I took their advice and the car is once again running the way it should. Thanks for being straight forward and not trying to charge an arm and leg. Will certainly recommend them to my friends.
Kent Simpson from Broken Arrow, OK
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